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Sports & Fitness

Sports, Recreation and Fitness Clubs, Gyms and other ports organizations face a unique set of risks. Our experience working with your industry has enabled us to design exciting insurance solutions for Exercise Studios, Circuit Training Studios and Health Clubs. .

We understand that each business is different and what you need from your insurance programme is the confidence that your protection has been designed to meet your specific needs and that pricing is both competitive and sustainable for the future.

We can insure the full range of policies required by Sports and Fitness organizations and Individual Instructors.

Instructor Programs for Yoga, Fitness and Dance

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. are a top national provider of Specialized Liability and Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions ) Insurance for Yoga, Fitness and Dance Instructors across Canada. In addition, we can provide specialized coverage for those inspiring entrepreneurs with Liability insurance for instructional media, videos and internet streaming.

We have several programs available for Sports, Fitness, Dance, Yoga Instructors and others. Which program is Right for You?

An explanation can be found on our dedicated websites at the following links:
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