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Special Programs: Jeweller's Block

Jeweller's Block

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. are Specialists in the Jeweller's Block and Specie business since their inception in 1981. We continue to use the same insurer Lloyd's with arrangements that are exclusive to us, that recognize our long standing commitment to this class of insurance. Many insurers and other brokers highly recommend us to their clients. 

Are you tired of insurance companies jumping in and out of Jeweller's Insurance? Are you tired of looking for a new insurance broker or having them remarket you every account every couple of years? Then you need to talk to us.

We are able to place insurance for:
  • Armoured Car Services
  • ATM
  • Cash, gold bullion, valuable documents
  • Cheque Cashers
  • Diamond merchants
  • Financial Institutions
  • Gold and Silver merchants
  • Jewellery Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Mining companies
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Retailers
  • Stamp and Coin Dealers
  • Traveling Salespeople
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Scrap Gold & Metal Dealers and Refiners
  • Unrefined precious metals and minerals
  • Valuables in Transit
Our program can include coverage for:
  • Stock (including goods owned by others) and other contents at the business premises
  • Stock and other contents away from the business premises
  • Stock in the custody of the owners, employees and sales representatives while away from the business premises
  • Stock in transit with Couriers including Priority Post, Registered Mail, Air Mail and Armoured Car couriers
  • Stock temporarily at the premises of other dealers in the trade
  • Stock on display at Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Stock whilst in vault or safe deposit vault
  • Armoured cars and cash in transit
  • Bankers' blanket bond and commercial crime
We Offer:
  • A package policy with the option to purchase different forms of Business Interruption coverage, additional crime coverage and some other allied lines,
  • Depending on the risk, we may be able to provide a limit for Employee Dishonesty coverage,
  • We can customize each policy and provide limited theft coverage, 
  • The option to purchase a standard Fire & E.C. policy.

The Holman Advantage

By advising our clients about security protection and important warranties, we have been able to deliver consistently competitive premiums for this class over 35 years..

Warranties are an extremely important component of all policies. If these warranties are breached, your policy will be void. It is therefore imperative you understand them as they are a continuous promises made by the Insured throughout the policy year and must be complied with at all times.

Some of the more common warranties an operation should be familiar with include:
  • Inventory Warranty
  • Travellers Warranty
  • Other People's Goods Warranty
  • Out of Safe Warranty
  • Locked Showcase Warranty
  • Protection Warranties
  • Unattended Auto conditions and warranties
  • Opening and Closing Warranty
Best of all we understand your business and have been insuring them with the same insurer longer than any one else in the business.