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Special Programs: Affinity Group Programs

Affinity Group Programs

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. are experts in Affinity Group programs and a key resource partner for associations, brokers, third-party administrators and insurers entering or expanding in the affinity group and specialty insurance markets. As such we can act as Managing Underwriters, Product Developers and Program Administrators.

Managing Underwriters
At our core, we are experienced underwriters. We have the experience, skills and knowledge to evaluate and price risk on behalf of our insurer partners. Our managing underwriter services include:
  • Affinity program creation and management
  • Group and individual underwriting
  • Pricing and actuarial support
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Policy and premium administration
  • Claims oversight management
  • Distribution management
  • Creation and execution of direct response marketing campaigns
When we act as a managing underwriter, our compensation is part of the normal carrier operating expense - not an additional layer of distribution expense. We substitute for, or supplement, the insurer’s in-house capabilities. As a smaller specialist company, our operating costs are low which can help produce more competitive pricing.

Product Developers
We conceive, create and bring to market new insurance products adapted specifically for affinity groups and their members. Our staff has the experience and the skills to:
  • conceive or evaluate new product ideas;
  • analyze need and marketability;
  • price and provide actuarial support;
  • draft policy language and contract terms;
  • obtain provincial regulatory or licensing approvals;
We welcome new product concepts and ideas from all sources and will work with our partners to bring them to the market quickly, profitably and effectively.

Program Administrators
We manage and administer programs directly for affinity groups or act as a resource for brokers who have the contacts and relationships to obtain affinity group sponsorships but perhaps neither the expertise nor the licenses to administer the programs.

Through our own capabilities and other partners, we can provide a full suite of marketing and administration services, including:
  • developing and executing marketing campaigns
  • policy and certificate issue
  • premium administration
  • customer service
  • claims payment (not available for all products)
For more information please contact:

Paul Holman
(905) 886-5630 Ext 1246