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Executive & Life Coaches

Any professional who offers "consulting services", regardless of the service they perform, can never fully escape the possibility that their work may fail to meet their clients' expectations and in today's litigious environment, all it takes is one dissatisfied client to place a professional's career and personal assets at risk.

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has an exclusive Professional and General Liability Program for:
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal Life Skills Coaching for Individuals or Groups
  • Life Cycle Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Registered Training Organization – Life Coaching and Related Courses
We have developed a tailored policy wording that provides broad policy coverage with extremely competitive premiums.  We invite you to obtain a quotation and compare to your current insurance arrangements.

To obtain a quotation or apply for Professional Liability Insurance for your Life, Coach business download our self-rating application form


For more information please contact one of following:

Mark Holman           (905) 886-5630 Ext 1224       

Paul Holman           (905) 886-5630 Ext 1246