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Business Legal Expense

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is in partnership with the leading North American Legal Expense Insurance, ARAG Canada that can provide businesses and individuals across various industries and associations with Legal Expense Insurance.


Legal Expense Insurance is a purchasable product through which individuals and small businesses can obtain legal protection in the form of advice, expenses and risk management tool to protect themselves against costly legal expenses and exercise their fundamental right of Access to Justice.
Legal Expense Insurance is also a precondition to the enjoyment of many other rights and is an essential enabler of social and economic development for small businesses.
With an ARAG business policy, your client has access to more than a legal assistance program to mitigate the risk in the following ways:
  1. Telephone Legal Advice Line: With a 24/7 service line and unlimited amount of calls that does not affect the premium, the client can access the legal system at any time to ask general business related or personal questions that may affect his day-to-day operations. This service is a robust and timely legal assistance that diffuses the event of legal risk for a small business owner.
  1. Legal Document Centre: This innovative, interactive and user-friendly risk management tool enables your client from Day 1 to be pro-active and mitigate the legal risks. They have access to a library of business and personal legal documents to draft and publish an official legal document with the most recent legislative and regulatory requirements.
  1. Contract Review: Your client has the opportunity to send a contract of up to 6 pages for review by our panel law firms. This is another route to the legal system that LEI allows and that the small business owner can reduce the risk of a costly legal expense
What does the policy cover?

Employment Defense of wrongful dismissal claim and/or tribunal.
Contract Disputes and
Debt Recovery
Defense and/or action regarding a breach of contract.
Legal Defense Defense of civil, quasi-criminal or criminal investigation.
Tax Protection Requisite professional(s) during an audit or appeal of tax reassessment.
Property Protection Dispute relating to property for physical damage, legal nuisance or trespass.
Statutory License Appeal
Appeal of decision by a regulatory body following suspension, alteration or cancellation of business license.
Compliance & Regulation Appeal of disciplinary proceeding by any professional, disciplinary or regulatory body.

For a full description of policy cover, conditions and exclusions, please read the policy wording