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As an industry leader in specialized insurance programs for association and affinity groups, Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. recognizes the need to provide innovation, flexibility and service to meet the needs of groups of individuals or associations requiring errors and omissions insurance, high risk liability coverage or other specialized coverage needs. These programs often allow your members to access the coverage they need at a fraction of the price comparied to being insured individually or stand alone.

Our policies are specifically designed to the requirements of clients when they are represented through their association or on a group basis, and can include the following:
  • Competitive/Affordable Premiums;
  • exclusive insurer arrangements
  • specific Insurance coverage tailored to meet the needs of the association often unavailable anywhere else;
  • The security of first class insurers;
  • A commitment to service through the efficient processing of applications, quotes and certificates of insurance and even unique websites.
  • 35+ years experience and expertise in professional liability and high risk liability programs.

The needs of the individual as well as that of the association are provided through the Programs arranged by Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. and its partner companies.

Some of the Insurance Programs we arrange include the following:
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association - Canadian Chapter
  • Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons - CAMACS
  • Canadian Council of Professional Certification
  • Canadian Cycling Association and member Provincial Associations
  • Canadian Fitness Trainer program
  • Canadian Hypnotherapy Association
  • Canadian Society of Eye Health Professionals - C-Seph
  • Canadian Therapist Insurance program
  • Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario
  • Federation of Canadian of Electrolysis Provincial Associations
  • Gestalt Institute
  • Lawyers Excess Liability - Ontario, NB, NS, AB
  • Law Society of Ontario - LSO
  • Ontario Association of Family MediationOAFM-LOGO.jpg
  • Ontario Fitness Council
  • Pastoral Medical Association - PMA
  • Zumba International - Canadian Partner