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Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. can provide existing homeowners title insurance for their properties. This product is specifically designed for the homeowner who already owns their home, and did not obtain title protection when they originally purchased the property.

Who is the Insurer?
Broker Title Services has an agreement with FCT Insurance Company Ltd. (First Canadian Title) to provide their title policy to the Insurance Broker Industry.

What is Residential Title Insurance and why is it necessary? 
Protect Against Fraud, Forgery, Survey Errors, Encroachments, and the Duty to Defend.

Residential Title Insurance protects your client's ownership or title against losses incurred as a result of undetected or unknown title defects, for as long as they own their home. Even if your client is the rightful owner of a home, incidents of real estate title fraud are increasing in Canada and can cause their title to come into question.

The Existing Homeowner's title coverage is for those clients who already own their home, but did not obtain the protection of title insurance when they first purchased their home.

With the payment of a small one-time premium, your clients can obtain a policy that contains comprehensive coverage for losses due to many forms of title fraud, including a duty to defend the title. The policy date is the date on which the owner took title to the property and the policy remains in effect for as long as the insured owner retains an interest in the property.