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Whatever your passion on the water, we are here to give you the best coverage, best value and best service on your pleasure craft of choice, From the smallest of fun to runabouts, sailboats and event the.most high-end of large luxury yachts. We can also insure:
  1. Sailboat Racing
  2. High Performance Vessels
  3. Runabouts
  4. Skipper Charters
  5. Sailing Dinghies
  6. Multi-Hull boats
  7. Boat Houses and live aboard
Our goal is to help you understand what coverage will best serve you and to, where necessary, point out the rocky shoals of what are often comprehensive and thus complex policies.
We insure Pleasure Craft policies for vessels of all types and sizes with broad coverage for Replacement Cost, Offshore coverage, transit coverage and liability.

Coverage highlights include:
  • Replacement on all partial losses included sails, rigging, canvas and protective covers and machinery
  • Agreed Value: no hidden deductions in the event of a total loss
  • Broad Vermin/Marine Life: coverage for damaged caused by otters, muskrats, raccoons, minks, whales and other marine mammals
  • No Paint & Patch clause: repairs are done based on standard shipyard practices, not just patched
  • 24 hour Local Claim service
  • Breakdown towing $1,500 (available up to $3,000)
  • Automatic coverage for Tenders & Dinghies (up to 6% of insured value)
  • Deductible waiver on damage caused by identifiable third parties while moored or anchored and damage due to fire originating off the insured vessel
  • Resulting Damage Coverage: protects your vessel when the damage results from faulty design, faulty workmanship, the installation or use of improper or defective materials, wear and tear, gradual deterioration, or corrosion -- provided such defect or condition could not have been detected through a reasonable prior inspection. We pay for the resultant damage but not the defective part.
*Subject to completed and approved application. 

Special Programs

If you're a member of a yacht club, ask us about our special offers that will not only chart the right course for you on coverage, but will save you money on premiums.