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International & Cross Border Services


In today’s globalized business environment, true success is often tied to development of business operations and relationships outside of your home country. Often, domestic insurance policies do not include terms and coverages that support multi-country exposures or that help address overseas events and risks. Companies of all sizes, in all industries need international coverage that follows their business and their employees no matter where in the world they may go. Also, if you have operations outside of Canada, you need local compliant and admitted policies otherwise you risk exposing your enterprise to significant tax liabilities.
That’s why a growing number of international businesses are turning to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. to help them manage their increasingly complex global property, casualty and professional risks. Though our worldwide networks, broad product array, customer-focused service, we have the ability to navigate the ever-evolving, country-specific regulations and compliance issues, allowing us to create innovative solutions for both large and small companies with international risk exposures. Our cross border offerings will help avoid the risk of your policy being declared non-compliant and void by local authorities, resulting in disputed claims and resolution obligations.
Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is connected world-wide through an established strategic network of partners enabling us to write business in more than 150 countries around the world. World class risk control and globalized claims coordination support our clients and their needs and choice of several major global insurers. Our international property, casualty and professional solutions offer coverage for the home country master controlled programs for Property and Liability, Kidnap & Ransom, Excess Automobile, Difference in Conditions/Excess Liability, Management and Professional Liability, Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation, Marine and much more.


For US BROKERS & AGENTS                          

Is your commercial client expanding into the Canada and/or the Global marketplace? Does your commercial client presently do business across borders or globally?
Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. provides the Independent Insurance Agents Brokers in US the ability to offer service their clients within Canada.
Our staff specializes in this unique segment of commercial business including the following types of coverage:
  • Commercial Property
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • International Property Risks
Holman also provides Countersignature services when Canadian locations are added to US issued master policies. Facilities are available to service and bill the Canadian office of your client so they avoid having to pay Excise Taxes in Canada. Provincial taxes and certificates of insurance are dealt with by our licensed staff.
Holman’s facilities allow your office the opportunity to provide full service and protection to your clients, no matter where the risk is located, and prevent competitors from writing portions of your accounts. In this manner, you provide proper protection for the business your client carries on in foreign markets, all with major insurance carriers licensed and regulated in these territories.
Our well-established international partnership covers more than 50 countries and is a powerful alternative to the mega brokers’ impersonal, corporate approach to global insurance services.
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