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Apart from our local and national services, Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is connected internationally as a proud member of the Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) and unisonSteadfast . In addition, Holman has department dedicated to providing International and US Cross Border Services.

We offer a wide variety of insurance solutions, each one targeting companies that require specialized attention. Our products offer comprehensive coverage that is supported by a global network of insurance companies. As a matter of course, our customers receive:
  • Expertise of highly skilled staff who appreciate and understand your business
  • Loss prevention services to help you avoid losses before they occur
As the number of insurance brokers has reduced in the wake of unprecedented take-over activity, so the options available for servicing multinational businesses have diminished. With the American global brokers dominating the sector, access to in independent network and its inherent virtues becomes increasingly difficult.

The WING network fills this void and, for clients seeking the qualities of service and dedication that are the cornerstone of independence, we do represent a real alternative. Established in 1990 by seven European brokers and vastly extended in 1999 by merging with Interpool brokers, the network brings together a worldwide partnership of independent industrial and commercial brokers. We provide our clients a coordinated and integrated approach to insurance and risk management from the Americas to the Far East.

The membership of WING has been carefully selected from independent brokers who built their excellent reputations through total commitment to quality and by providing clients with a professional, personal and dedicated service. We commit ourselves to standards of service that convince our clients we are genuinely the alternative.

As a result WING is a network of like-minded insurance brokers, who have built their excellent reputations through total commitment to quality. Their aim is to provide clients with a professional, personal and dedicated service. WING unites the experience of 2500 employees in over 100 offices worldwide. Combined they handle more than $1.5 billion US of insurance premium a year for a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients. Target clients are industrial medium to large businesses and multinational companies that don't want to be tied to a monolithic centralized provider.

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a member partner of unisonSteadfast. They are one of the largest independent networks of mid-sized insurance brokers in the World, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. They have local specialists in international insurance programs and solutions for all significant industrial regions worldwide through a network of 200 correspondent insurance brokers. unisonSteadfast currently services hundreds of International clients in Germany. Quality is a central element of their service. Their clients expect unisonSteadfast to live up to predefined standards.

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a Service Partner for Trust Risk Control (TRC) an International Insurance organization for the strategic alliance of mid-sized insurance brokers in Germany. Founded in 1998, TRC-Members with about 1200 employees produce a premium volume of 600 million Euros. They have 60 Service Partners and correspondents with a staff of 20,000 employees worldwide.