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Energy, Power & Renewable Energy

Energy, Power & Renewable Energy

Our experienced team work with many clients in the energy, power generation and renewable energy  industry. We provide insurance solutions for energy projects at every stage of development, from construction through to operation.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality customer experience and have the specialist knowledge and expertise to cater for the demands and needs of our clients.

We can create bespoke insurance programmes for:
  • Wind Energy – Onshore and Offshore
  • Bio Energy – Biomass, Biogas and Waste to Energy plants
  • Solar Energy – Photovoltaics, Concentrated and Thermal Installations
  • Hydro Energy
  • Battery Storage
  • Ground Heat Source
  • Anaerobic Digesters / CHP
  • Wave and Tidal energy
For more information please contact :

Paul Holman           (905) 886-5630 Ext 1246