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Wealth Management

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is pleased to partner with the Treegrove Investment Management Toronto office. They help business owners and professionals move from business or professional income to retirement investment with full Financial Planning, Investment Management and Portfolio Review.

The Toronto team of William (Bill) Shaw, MBA, CPA, CA, CFP, CIM and Alex Nayyar, CIM, BA can be reached at 416-532-2882.

The Treegrove Way
Tailor made and Turnkey

Our colleagues at Treegrove Wealth Management believe that combining a sound financial plan with a tailor made portfolio is the key to financial success and peace of mind. They are portfolio managers and financial planners. 

Full Transparency

Their approach is always one of full transparency. All clients benefit from on-line access to a best of breed portfolio management system, where they can track their portfolio progress and create their own reports. This platform is the exact same one they use to oversee your investments so that client conversations can be based on current and shared information, for precise and constructive results. They have nothing to hide: what you pay for their services and how they perform for you over the life of your portfolios is available 24/7. They have no products to sell and no sales commissions. They get paid in simple and understandable way: they charge a management fee based on a percentage of the portfolio, that is to say, if you do well, they do well.