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How we help you to stop paying too much for Group Benefits permanently!!! 

Holman Insurance brings together Group Benefits industry knowledge, communication, service and transparency to service our clients with Low Net Cost Group Benefits.

Group Benefits must provide value, assistance and security for the staff and sustainability for the plan sponsors.  Many brokers only focus on manipulating plan coverage, changing carriers and promoting either Insured or Self-Funded arrangements.  As experts in the Group Benefits field, with time spent as insurance company representatives, brokerage sales representatives, creating and managing insurance programs, Third Party Administrators,

Managing General Agency, and more, we don’t have a subjective agenda or serve corporate shareholders.  As a result, we are able to remain independent and focus on the right solutions for each client.  We achieve these results by spending the time truly listening to each client and not having any preconceived ideas or preplanned options.  By understanding their concerns, needs and wants, and their risk profiles, our recommendations are objective and are for the benefit of the client.

Our mission is to bring Low Net Cost Group Benefits to plan sponsors.  To achieve this goal, we reasonably price our fees, provide a documented Fee and Service Agreement for both parties, and use service providers that are able to deliver top tier services for the lowest stable net costs.  

Many brokers and consultants talk about their ability to solicit the market for quotations, their preferred status with certain carriers and their special arrangements and relationships that they may have with these carriers or how they can obtain the lowest rates for their clients.  Some are definitely successful using this approach.  However, most fail to realize that the part of the overall Low Net Cost equation is ensuring that their own charges are reasonable.  High commissions, bonuses and overrides detract from the Low Net Cost.  At Holman, we are consistent – our clients receive low net costs from all of the service providers, including the Consultants! 

In hiring us as your Group Benefits Consultants, you will: 
  • Have the Lowest Net Costs and the Highest Break Evens ever; 
  • Understand the costs charged to your plan through our documented Fee and Service Agreements that are open and transparent;    
  • Experience our knowledge of the Group Benefits industry; 
  • Benefit from the credibility that we have earned in the insurance marketplace; 
  • Have cost savings that are immediate and permanent through our low net cost arrangements; 
  • Receive reporting and reviews that are timely and meaningful; 
  • Have rate and renewal guarantees providing stability and sustainability; 
  • Avoid the renewal practice of rate shopping each renewal with multiple brokers;  
  • Experience insurers’ improvements in services and products as we use their inherent abilities and fixed costs for your advantage; 
  • Rest comfortably and focus on your business with our recommendations that are objective and strictly for your benefit.