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General Liability Insurance for Special Events

Today's busy lifestyles are filled with social gatherings from community festivals to car shows, conventions to weddings.If you organize family, business or community events, you know how much planning and effort is involved to make the occasion both safe and special for everyone.Even with the most careful planning, unexpected situations can arise that you might not be prepared for. Nationwide can help.

Why do you need liability insurance?

Accidents happen. You may or may not be sued, however knowing you are protected from frivolous or nuisance claims arising from your negligence will be your peace of mind when permitting a public access property. A liability policy will pay for Defence and any costs lodged against you should you be found responsible for the property damages or the bodily injury. The intention of this program is to cover the “Insured’ against legal liability arising from third parties such as: spectators, passers-by, property owners and others suffering from injuries that may have be caused by your activities.

Short Term Events

Our short-term special event insurance features zero deductibles for liability claims. It helps protect against bodily injury and property damage claims arising from:

  • Operations

  • Premises

  • Products and completed operations

  • Advertising

  • Personal injury liability