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Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. provides choice for Hospitals, Health Care Facilities and Professionals when it comes to your insurance needs including Medical Malpractice and Professional Liability.

Our Healthcare Practice however is more than med mal. With over 40 years experience, we take a consultative team approach and combine insurance services with value-added educational and risk control programs that are designed to increase patient satisfaction as well as reduce client exposure. Our team understands the complexities that are specific to physicians, medical groups, home health care, hospitals, allied facilities, community health centers, and other healthcare organizations.

Our Healthcare Practice offers Health Care providers Customized Coverage, Broad Form Coverage, Plain English policy language, Insurance Market Stability, Health Care Industry Expertise, Claims Management Expertise and Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions. We act as your Risk Management Advisor and become an integral part of your operations advising you on Risk Management Techniques and Tools and Risk Financing methods to minimize your total cost of risk.

Medical Billings
For healthcare providers, navigating the challenging and oftentimes confusing set of reimbursement guidelines have commonly lead to the rate of billing errors rising above 30 percent. From telehealth services conducted at non-rural originating sites to the wide-spread distribution of medically unnecessary drugs, including opioids, the allegations of healthcare fraud and abuse by government entities and private payers are more prevalent and diverse than ever before. That’s why we work with specialist insurer's who can provide a you unique solutiion for your risk profile.

E-health and Telemedicine
Telemedicine is trending but Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd has specialized in this area of Healthcare for years.
The digital health industry is poised for exponential growth due to a number of factors - from pressure to decrease healthcare costs, to the rise of chronic diseases and an aging population and now Covid 19
Companies operating in this space often bridge both the healthcare and technology sectors, so they are open to a wide range of emerging and traditional risks. That’s why Holman Insurance work with leading insurers to develop a specific policy which addresses the digital health industry’s unique risk profile.
Any company dealing with Health Canada, FDA or delivering healthcare services electronically, including but not limited to telemedicine platforms and providers, mHealthapps, remote patient monitoring tools, AI artificial intelligence, ePharmacies and eHealth research involving data collection and analysis should contact us.

You should be aware that most cyber liability policies do not address these issues. Your best defence is to contact a specialist at Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Remote Workers
Due to Covid-19 Telemedicine, remote working, virtual care and e-health delivery has quickly emerged as an essential service and as a vitally important way in which complementary health, counselling and medical providers can continue to practice while social distancing.
If your medical practice is now virtual, there are different and significant risk exposures that you need to be aware of. Therefore, you need to know that your virtual care or e-health clinic has the best coverage in place should a worse-case scenario happen. We are always on the outlook for new insurance solutions that are built to address emerging risk exposures. 

Product Manufacturers and Distributors
New products and the advance of these virtual medicine approaches comes with new risks. These risks include those that derive from shortcomings in the data and health advice provided, as well as error or malfunction in the technologies themselves, alongside data privacy and security concerns.
We are here to provide insurance solutions for manufactures and distributors of new virtual care and e-health products as well as use of wearable devices, lifestyle management, technology hardware, software, platforms and products to deliver telemedicine. 
Here’s just some of the broad coverage you can expect with virtual care insurance:
•    Medical malpractice and professional Liability
•    Tech and media liability
•    Commercial and Products Liability 
•    Media Liability
•    Cyber Liability and Crime 
While medical malpractice and professional indemnity were the standard for healthcare organizations there is now the increasing need to cover the tech-related risks 
Telemedicine is here to stay and as your business evolves, that is why it’s so important to work with Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. who are insurance experts who understand the specific needs of changing digital health industry.

US & Foreign Patient
When Canadian physicians provide care to non-residents of Canada, there is an increased risk of medical-legal difficulties arising outside of Canada. The CMPA is not structured to assist with medical-legal difficulties that arise outside of Canada, or that result from care given outside of Canada. The CMPA generally assists members only in the event of difficulties arising in Canada as a result of professional work done in Canada. Members are also reminded that, as per the CMPA Bylaw, assistance extended to members is discretionary, based on the facts and circumstances of an individual case. 

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. has the insurance solution for these Medical Doctors operating private practice.

We also offer exclusive programs for the all facets of the Health and Wellness area including related medical professionals. Additional information can be found on our Health and Wellness section of this website.