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Our Story

Your BUSINESS is unique

So are your insurance needs. That's why Holman Insurance Brokers is dedicated to supplying you with customized insurance products and services. Since our inception in 1981, Holman has focused on providing insurance protection for specialized professions and complex risks. That's why we understand the diverse and evolving needs of each of our clients. That's also why we have been able to anticipate and respond to your changing requirements with the strategic acquisition of leading-edge brokerages with extensive knowledge of a wide variety of unique industries and products.

We Speak Your Language

Some people might tell you that selling insurance is not rocket science. We do not agree. We don't just sell insurance; we provide solutions to your needs, no matter how complex or unusual they might be. And that's not only a science - it's also an art.

Because your time is precious, we believe talking to your insurance broker should simplify your life, not make it more complicated. At Holman, the depth of our expertise and the diversity of our experience mean we can put together a team of professionals to determine and assess your specific requirements.

We know your insurance needs are unique. Whether you are looking for personal insurance for your car and home, or protection against potential business losses, we listen to what you say so that we can make the appropriate recommendations. Our professionals understand the needs of a vast array of industries, from aviation to commercial transport to jewellery and fine art. We aggressively market the insurance coverages required and provide innovative options to ensure the best possible protection at the most competitive price.

Not only do we speak your language, we want you to understand ours. And that is what sets us apart.

When you need insurance, you want the best you can get!

At Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. we understand this. Our business is to help you, by aggressively searching for the most cost effective insurance coverage for your needs.