About Us: Our Mission

Our Mission

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is dedicated to selling and servicing quality insurance products designed to best meet the needs of our customers.

These services are offered through stable and strong insurers, at a competitive price that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction, employee happiness, and the highest standards in the industry.

The values we believe in at Holman include:

Service and Knowledge
We provide prompt, accurate, courteous and professional service that is innovative and customized solutions that protect the assets of our clients.

We will always treat customers and business partners fairly

We treat all customer information as privileged information.

Honesty and Care
We act with integrity and sincerity acting always according to the truth. We will always be mindful of and act in the best interests, not only of ourselves, but of our customers and business partners as well.

Leadership and Attention to Detail
We provide insurance leadership with our markets and differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering superior service standards and attention to detail.

We respond timely to all aspects of the insurance process from the time of the sale, implementation of policy, daily changes and advise to finally to the fair and prompt settlement of claims.