Forestry & Mining

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. is able to provide Forestry and Mining clients specific insurance coverage to protect your business from unexpected loss and property damage.

Forestry operations we are able to insure include:
Aerial mapping
Consulting Forester
Logging, Lumbermen
Tree harvesting contractors
Tree removal & tree trimming contractors, including for site clearing and road construction
Road construction contractors (including for bush roads)
Contractors equipment & tools for forestry, lumber yards, agriculture, road construction, excavation
Service and storage for contractors equipment, machinery, tools
Tree planting, reforestation, spacing, commercial thinning, mechanical & chemical brushing contractors
Saw Mills and mobile / portable mills and Kilns
Site preparation & scarification contractors, vegetation management, fertilization, pest & disease control
Standing timber, Control burning, hardwood, softwood
Forestry professionals, engineers, consultants and analysts
Lodges, Resorts, Campground, B & B, RV parks, hunting, fishing
Forestry equipment
Wood Products manufacturing

Mining operations we are able insure include:
Consultants working in the mining sector - equipment, safety, one-person
Geotechnical ­rms
Small mining companies - mineral rights owners, exploration companies, surface sampling, core drilling, core sampling, site exploration
Mining, drilling, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, steel work, excavation or any contractors involved in a minimum 10% of mining related work (including blasting, explosives, welding) and which may include underground exposures.
Junior/Intermediate hard-rock mining operators – including underground, surface, open-pit, milling, crushing and loading.
Quarrying and Aggregate production
Prospectors and developers
Mining contractors’ equipment including tools and exploration equipment
Mining suppliers, distributors & manufacturers including equipment rental & leasing & general hardware
Environment surveying, aerial surveying
Assay labs, Bore-hole analysis

In addition, through our International Partners we are able to utilize their expertise through their global offices to tailor an Insurance Program and Risk Management structure to suit your individual needs.We can cateri to all facets the forestry and mining sector through the complete forest and  mine life cycles.

We also provide Professional Liability coverage for industry professionals, engineers, consultants, analysts to name a few.